Colorado Parks and Recreation Association

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Creates Healthy Lifestyles

Preserves & Conserves Environmental Resources

Fosters Economic Vitality

Builds Community and Enhances Quality of Life


Photos Courtesy of John Fielder

Parks & Recreation in Colorado ...

Preserves & Conserves Environmental Resources

Conservation by NRPA, 2013

Promotes stewardship of valued resources

Enhances conservation in urban areas

Provides critical wildlife habitat

Preserves, maintains and enhances community parks, open space and trails

Creating a Park Conservancy that Fits by  Phil Hayward, Richard J. Dolesh

CPRA Office

Mailing Address:

POB 1037
Wheat Ridge, CO  80034
Fax:  303.237.9750

Physical Address:

Richards Hart Estate
5349 W 27th Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO  80214
*All deliveries must be made to the north door at 28th & Benton St


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